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The Three Point Program for Healthy Living

  1. Physical health: Residents will be enrolled in the VA health care system  or health provider of their own choosing and address any health related issues in a timely manner as suggested by their primary care provider. Health care issues must be disclosed to house staff if the resident requires special medications or develops special needs for health related challenges. Privacy issues will always be respected. The resident and fellow residents safety is paramount in providing the best home environment to support any health issues. Residents may choose not to use the VA health care system if another health care program is available.
  2. Mental health: Mental health issues require the same accountability as health issues. Residents must comply with all mental health care provided assistance as deemed needed by the VA mental health care system or another of their own choosing. Additional support may be provided by community assistance as needed by the resident. Residents with addiction issues will be strongly suggested to use community based 12 step programs for additional support.
  3. Spiritual health: Residents are required to explore spiritual growth under the direction of the Spiritual director. Residents will be encouraged to explore faith traditions of their choice or to build a spiritual practice that meets their own personal choices. Spiritual direction and goals does not require any affiliation with religious communities of any kind unless the resident so chooses. Spiritual direction may take the option of exploring alternative growth directives as determined by the resident and spiritual care provider.