Mission Statement:

To provide a safe and healthy living environment for women in transition from life issues such as addictions, post traumatic stress or other debilitating challenges. Joy House provides an open home-style environment where residents can grow in their recovery and build healthy futures.

Company Goals and Objectives:

To provide a life style model of community living that promotes successful independent living skill goals. These goals then transcend into residents able to integrate out of the transition home and into independent living arrangements of their choice.

Business Philosophy:

It is imperative that Joy House has a stable financial plan and models the actions it requires to maintain a healthy living environment. Staff and residents will comply with managing goals in order to sustain the house functionality. Strong leadership in its financial matters and its program development will attain this goal by the Joy House staff.

Joy House is primarily a location for women veterans of the US military and will invite other women in need as space becomes available. All costs and fees will be the same for non-military residents. All residents will comply with the Three Point program for a healthy living while residing in the Joy House.

Be sure to stay tuned for our PSA video coming soon!