Joy House SLE Inc.

River sceneJoy House SLE Inc. is located in Rancho Cordova, California. We are close to the foothills area of the Sacramento Valley near the American River. We are nearby the Mather VA hospital and facilities as well as major transportation links for the greater Sacramento area. Joy House SLE Inc. is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) in California.

This sober living residence is designed for those women military veterans  searching for transition from a recovery setting. We have a three point system designed to encourage, motivate, and inspire those endeavoring to build successful relationships.

Joy House expects to support its residents in their efforts to compile and complete goals towards an independent healthy lifestyle. Each resident will design their goals based on physical, mental and spiritual health needs and requirements. The house staff will be encouraging and motivating as the residents become aware of their own needs.

Accountability is assessed daily as schedules are met and weekly in house meeting formats. Residents will have one on one time with the Program Director to address needs still pending as well as examine future goals.

Residents will be encouraged to model their healthy lifestyles for those women coming into transition. Joy House will be a healthy option for women seeking to live and maintain a sober lifestyle.

The Joy House does have a focus for Military Veteran Women however residence is not always exclusive for this population. What is valued is the special need this resident may have is areas of maintaining healthy and loving relationships.

You can view our video and Indegogo Website by clicking here to see firsthand how your support of Joy House can make a huge difference in the lives of Women Veterans.